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Please see the attached website and sign our contract ASAP. 

Our phone numbers are 561-921-5788 or 908-216-8242.

Please (if you have) also include a copy of your driver’s license, website, references, business license and insurance, business card, areas you cover and jobs you are capable of doing.


This Finder’s Fee Agreement is entered into by- ___________ (Vendor) and Elite Homes & Commercial Services on-  _________.  This agreement lists the benefits and responsibilities of each party as stated below:

Elite Homes & Commercial Services and Vendor Responsibilities:

· Elite Homes & Commercial Services will provide referrals here to “referred as leads” to the client, within two hours of the time they are received. 

· Vendor should contact the lead as soon as possible. The quicker the response by the vendor to the customer, the greater chance of obtaining the job.

· Vendor will notify Elite Homes & Commercial Services that they have received the lead and have contacted the customer within a reasonable amount of time.

· Vendor will provide the customer an estimate (copy also sent to Elite Homes & Commercial Services) within one week of initial phone contact with the customer.

· Vendor will inform Elite Homes & Commercial Services when the contract is signed and the progress throughout the job. Upon completion of the job, vendor will pay Elite Homes & Commercial Services the agreed upon percentage of the gross cost of the job.  
Payment is to be sent within ten days, after the completion of the job.

· Elite Homes & Commercial Services will provide as much information about the lead such as location, contact name and scope of work to be performed. 

· Elite Homes & Commercial Services will follow up with the lead and your company to insure the customer (lead) is satisfied with the progress and completion of the job.

· Upon completion of the job, Elite Homes & Commercial Services will receive a percentage of the total gross sales of the job before taxes.


Legal Requirements:

· The term of this agreement is open ended and either party may terminate this agreement, with a 30-day written notice of their intent to do so.  All prior obligations need to be satisfied before termination is finalized.

· If legal action is instituted by either party, the jurisdiction will be in Palm Beach County Florida.

· It is agreed that the court costs and/or 33% collections fees, plus reasonable legal fees will be the responsibility of the non-circumventing party..

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, this Finder's Fee Agreement by and between on behalf of and on behalf of has been executed and delivered in the manner prescribed by law as of the date first written above.

This contract must be signed by the owner:












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